Research is the foundation of everything that I do. I am proficient with Q Methodology, Quantitative & Qualitative Methods, & Syndicated Research. I am also an excellent presentation builder and visual communicator, which is imperative for showing results.


strategic planning

Strategic planning is an essential part of business growth, and I’ve seen it from both sides. In the community, I’ve served on boards and committees that have allowed me to understand organizations thoroughly and advise on strategic planning, but I’ve also been the one making these strategic plans for organizations. I produce reports for brands and organizations regularly.

Strategic Plan

Social Media Strategic Plan

Analysis & Business Recommendations

market research

Without market research, how are we to understand audiences? I have experience utilizing many different types of research methods and programs to formulate audience insights and plans.


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theory-based research

Theory-based research has been a passion of mine since I first stepped into a Theories class in undergrad. Theories make sense; they explain why the world is the way that is is. This makes it all the more fun to use them to connect the dots and find how things are connected.

My paper, titled Saving Innovation: Examining the Technology Gap Through the Lens of Symbolic Interactionism, was chosen from a selective pool to be presented at the Southern States Communication Conference in 2017. Read it here. My work, which was also my first independent study, examined how generational identity affected technology use and how this could affect innovation in the future.

I also produced a case study analyzing the marketing strategy for Deadpool and how transmedia storytelling abilities were enhanced by the identity of the character. Read more here.

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crisis research

I am adept at creating crisis case studies. Doing this has made me an excellent crisis manager as well, because crisis research is a combination of theory, market, and strategic planning research, making it the ultimate challenge. The best part? You have a time limit.

I examined the Bhopal Carbide Disaster and made my personal recommendations for what should have been done here. If you would like to see the full report, I can e-mail it upon request.


Business Development & Reporting

I have experience, through practice and coursework, in developing business plans and business ideas into full-scale programs. I have mostly practiced this for social good and tech-based ideas.

For a local nonprofit, I created this annual report.
See a sample of ideation documents, such as a Business Model Canvas here. This is the proposal.

Also see “Strategic Planning” (above) and “Writing Samples” (portfolio thumbnail) for more.