I have many sources of academic writing ranging from classwork to published work.

Here are some samples:

Here is a case study on the the marketing strategy of Marvel’s Deadpool.

Plus, a sample memo that I drafted.

Here is a research report drafted in response to PR issues with big brand Aldi.

This is pretty recent, and it’s about Pornhub.

This is my undergraduate capstone work, which was selected to be presented at the Southern States Communication Association’s annual conference.


I wrote these blog posts as part of my campaign to secure funding for the CHEF Fellowship Program.

I have also worked to build social media presences. Here is a snippet from an online statement that I help to craft.

Here is a press release from the National Comedy Center from my days as an intern.

Misc. Writing

This is a brochure that I created as part of a City Council campaign.

A retainer agreement written in complete legalese.