Video editing is a major advantage in the Communications field. Nowadays, audiences are captivated by video, and video content is more likely to be seen and shared than text-only and static posts. Videography is also the perfect medium for storytelling, as you get the full grasp of the story through visual and audio elements.


LGBTQ+ Domestic Violence

This video highlights domestic violence within the LGBTQ+ community using real actresses role-playing as a lesbian couple. Through close-ups and invasive lens work, the urgency of the situation is conveyed, and the viewer is left at the end wondering about the fate of the couple.

mom first, Student second

Motherhood is arguably one of the most difficult jobs that a woman will ever have in her lifetime. Children require a lifetime of care, love, and support, not to mention the actual things that they need along the way. What does it look like whenever a mom makes the choice to try to better their lives by doing as the world tells her and going to college? Does furthering your education help, hurt, hinder? See the story of Theresa and Vivian, a real Berea College mother & daughter duo making it through the journey together.

Natural sound

Natural sound can tell a story and emphasize the actions of a subject much better than background music can, in some cases. This was a personal case study to see how something as simple as getting ready for work in the morning can be dramaticised through the use of camera work and natural sound.


Since the rise of Tasty and other recipe-following videos are on the rise, I thought that it would be a good idea to give it a try. Using a new product, Cherry Ale-8, with a tried and true, Fireball Whiskey, I created a new drink that I like to call Flamin’ Ale.